Carole Koblik & The beginning of Arareity

Carole Koblik

Carole Koblik

Arareity is a jewelry and art glass gallery in Arthouse at 10th and R streets. We’re just a few blocks from California’s capitol in downtown Sacramento. Many arts related businesses are housed here next to the Fox and Goose Pub.

Arareity was started by Donald Garrett and Carole Koblik in March 1974. With $5000 they walled in Arareity’s section of ‘The Building’ now called Arthouse and stocked the store with loose beads, sterling silver and a few gold items. Slowly, living on Carole’s income from teaching, they built up a stock of gold items. For three years all profit was put back into the business.

By 1980 Arareity was solely owned by Carole Koblik, which resulted in a distinctly more feminine store. Arareity no longer carried beads, but now featured blown and fused art glass. Carole began taking the Gemological Institute of Americas gemology classes to give Arareity the credibility needed by a new store.

The name Arareity was the result of a word game. Arareity was meant to express that this gallery would present a more varied collection of interesting jewelry than usually available in one location. The breadth of vision comes from the owner’s education: art, art history and archaeology. Years of overseas travel whetted her appetite for the unusual and historical. This background gives Carole’s custom designs a greater breadth of creativity. We set all gem materials in silver, gold, or platinum as desired. We design to compliment your hand or face… This is not a generic product.

Arareity Jewelers, produces one-of-a-kind, hand-made jewelry, rings, earrings, pendants, pins and bracelets.

Located in Sacramento California, Arareity Jewelers has been in business over 45 years.

At Arareity Jewelers, producing a custom design means creating a one-of-a-kind, hand-made piece of jewelry.